About Us

Company "Metal OD Priboj" began with work in 1986. by name "Metalostrugarska radnja" and it was one of the first craft firm that deals with metalwork and metal processing in Priboj. Founder and owner of firm was Novko Jonovic.

Using years of experience in the field of metal processing with dedicated and persistent work a craft workshop has grown into one of the most popular small family companies dealing with the production and distribution of metal products, rubber and integral resin.

Since the year 1992 the company changed its name to "Metal OD Priboj" and Mirko Janović took over leadership of the firm.

Metal OD Priboj besides production does services in the field of metal and rubber industrie. Production of new and repair of old and damaged machine parts is done by the attached technical documentation or request by service users, taking into account the improvement of the quality and innovative methods in the making.

The company is equipped with high-quality machine park in functionally designed business premises and is ready to respond in the commission of customer services even in the most demanding tasks within its activities.